In order to increase the performance of the printing and dyeing machine

The error of calculating saturated liquid volume in the phase equilibrium of hydrocarbon system is relatively high, which can easily lead to the problem of predicting the density of saturated liquid. In the SRK equation of state based on the proposed calculation of saturated liquid volume volume translation method, and to realize the relationship between parameters using Rackett equation parameters, air max australia and achieve the saturated liquid density calculation more accurately. Comparison between the calculated results and the measured data showed, the volume translation method to calculate the liquid phase density with the actual density of error is much smaller than the uncorrected value of the error calculation and improve the application scope of the SRK equation of state.
In order to increase the performance of the printing and dyeing machine, and realize the synchronization control system of the printing and dyeing machine, synchronous control system based on CORTEX-M3 kernel and CAN bus is used in this paper. In the device type selection above to give up the past PC machine as a general controller design, air max australia cheap but the use of higher portability embedded processor. In the unit controller, the use of the latest CORTEX-M3 kernel based on ARM processor. It has high processing speed, high accuracy of D\/A, A\/D conversion, and CAN bus controller. Experiments show that the design of this kind of printing and dyeing machine can achieve the system synchronization control, and reduce the cost and difficulty of development.
The current social China Choufu psychology have different forms, its essence is not the hatred of society. The intensification of social wealth and the increase of social wealth differentiation, resentment of the general conditions; social transformation process in the system of injustice and the system is not standardized, air max australia 2012 institutional deficiency leads to social injustice, resentment of the reality of the root; sense of fairness, lack and unreasonable fair view, outlook on values and wealth is Choufu psychology cultural roots. Resentment of the abandoned, not only to meets requirements of fair and ethical system arrangement, to the relative fair of the social security; also justice was the core of the socialist moral construction.